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Privacy Policy

Privacy... Privacy... Privacy... I guess people actually care about this so I should try keeping it more serious. That's fine, I'll give it a shot. Um, here goes:

I collect some data for tSYS, most of it is used to make messages from the game (emails, SMSes, ICQs, Facebook friend requests, etc) seem more human. This allows me to make it seem like I actually care about every individual and that you aren't just numbers in my mind (technically, you all are numbers, that's how uuids work).

Do I share this information with anyone? Well, not that I'm aware of... What if someone gets a search warrant? My info I have won't help much so I'll have to decline. What about if they bribe me? I like money and I'm pretty sure money likes me, so I'll take your money. That's all. Don't expect anything in return. No information, no nothing. Ok, maybe I'll give you a choice, you can buy me a waffle if you want. What about if someone asks nicely? Depends how nicely, though I doubt I'll give them any *correct* information.

Do I track IPs? Sometimes for security purposes, you can disable this if you want (I would advise otherwise). How about play patterns? I track what all RPGs track; this helps me give you dailys.

So is your private information safe with me? Probably not. But don't worry, as I haven't any private information.

I apologise in advance for this, but since the start of writing this I've been holding something in. Here goes: "Why so serious?"