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About The SYStem


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The SYStem is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game or MMORPG for short.
It allows players to work as friends or foes to achieve success.

Along gameplay, players are given many challenges which they need to overcome.
These challenges consist of mazes, riddles, and bosses, blended into perfection.

Players have the ability to create or join parties and guilds, allowing for a vast and helping community.
The SYStem mixes many aspects from classic and popular games to maximize enjoyment.

The SYStem is theoretically possible, and doesn't violate too much physics...
Gameplay is based off of many random generators and the player's decisions, allowing uniquity for every individual.


I am a programmer currently waiting for my life to begin, I was pursuing a degree in computer sciences...
The SYStem is one of my projects I'm developing in my free time.


I love programming, and I felt that a game would be the perfect challenge.


The game's development and it's servers are all done in my room.
I have a few old computers hooked up to create a server that can run pretty well.


The game is being built mainly in Java, as I like it as a language, and it allows for some dynamics.
Most of the story and mechanics are implemented in Lua, because Lua is awesome!
There is some low-level coding (i.e. graphics) that is done in c.